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Health and wellness have become a hot topic in recent years. More businesses are seeking out ways to support employees and proactively putting measures and programmes in place to enhance overall staff wellbeing. Given that we spend around a third of our lives at work, a workplace culture plays a big role in employees’ lives.

The Covid-19 crisis has meant that traditional wellness programmes delivered in the workplace are no longer effective, with a large number of employees still working remotely. Whilst the Covid-19 situation isn’t always the cause of an employee’s challenges, it will certainly have exacerbated conditions for those already suffering from mental health and other wellbeing issues.

With such a changing world around us we need more than ever focus on our employee’s health and wellbeing.

At Zentrify we believe that employees’ Mental Health and Wellbeing is vitally important, especially in these trying times when many employees are working differently.



Individual Courses

Introduction to Stress Management and Relaxation (£450)

This popular 3-part programme will introduce colleagues to classical meditation practice, yoga breathing, self-hypnosis, and exercises to develop deep relaxation and stress reduction. Each week includes a bit of theory, lots of practice, and finishes with a guided exercise. The programme is delivered across three 1-hour weekly Zoom sessions, ideal for a ‘lunch and learn’. Each session can take a maximum of 90 people.

Executive Stress Management Workshop (£250)

A 3-hour workshop for your executive team designed to promote an understanding of stress and anxiety, how to provide a compassionate yet performance-focused working environment, and the challenges of remote working on mental health. Colleagues will also learn a range of stress reduction techniques. This workshop can be delivered in-person or remotely and can accommodate a maximum of 20 people.


Corporate Workshop Packages

Our packages are designed to be impactful yet cost effective.

Package 1:

Book both of our corporate courses together at a discounted price of £600.

  • Introduction to Stress Management and Relaxation

  • Executive Stress Management Workshop


Package 2:

This monthly retainer package brings maximum value to your employee wellbeing programme. Each of our courses is run once a month and all employees will benefit from a dedicated resource portal and discounted fees on individual therapy and coaching sessions.

Monthly investment £560. Minimum three month term.

  • Introduction to Stress Management and Relaxation

  • Executive Stress Management Workshop

  • Dedicated company portal with a range of stress management, breathwork, meditation and self-hypnosis resources.

  • 15% discount for all employees on initial assessment sessions and individual therapy or coaching sessions. (Regular fee £90/hour).



Return to Work Programs

Hypnotherapy and Coaching can be extremely effective in facilitating an employee’s return to work after time off sick or following a traumatic incident.

Often returning to the workplace after being away can be rather daunting. The returning colleague may have developed loss of confidence in their abilities and anxiety can develop inhibiting a successful return to the workplace.

Our Return to Work Program is designed to reduce the stress and anxiety linked to returning to work after an extended period away, build the employee’s confidence, and help identify any ongoing support they might need going forward.

As well as delivering our workshop packages, we can support your staff in the following areas:

  • Reducing stress levels

  • Public speaking nerves

  • Communication issues

  • Anxiety and panic disorders

  • Motivation issues

  • Performance improvement